One day not long ago, two very frustrated parents were trying to pack their car for a week at the shore. As the father loaded the car with his hands full of gear, the pack n’ play he was carrying fell from his hand, causing a domino effect as everything collapsed around him.

When they got to their beach house, they realized they had forgotten the sheet and two rods because there hadn’t been a place to put them.

“There’s gotta be a better way!” he cried out. And the Bover was born.


Make Travel a Little Easier

Bover Bags are the better way to carry pack n’ plays. These one-of-a-kind travel bags for portable cribs have bright patterns, sheet and rod pockets, and an adjustable shoulder strap. Invented by a young mom for other moms, they're machine washable and can be monogrammed.

The bags feature dual pockets to store crib sheets and bassinet rods. All are lined and machine washable. The thick double-quilted fabric means the bags are durable and can stand up to the hefty load of a portable crib. They have an easy drawstring closure and come with an adjustable shoulder strap, leaving your hands free to carry more in one trip.

When your kids get older, they can be used to tote toys, laundry, beach gear and clothing. What's not to love?